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At high tech dental clinic in sikar, we offer sedation dentistry techniques to help anxious patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatments.

A lot of people who avoid dentists, sedation dentistry offers to take most of their anxiety away. This treatments in USC can be used for a simple tooth cleaning down to the most invasive of dental procedures.

Sedation is ideal for patients whose behavioral problems make it diffcult for the dentist to carry out procedures in treatment or surgeries.

Our team will help you decide the type of sedation that’s right for you. Your dental treatment, overall health, history of allergies, anxiety levels will all determine the best approach on your case.

This is conscious form of sedation that involves the use of nitrous oxide known by the name of “laughing gas” to help you relax. It is strong enough to suppress pain and mild enough to keep a patient conscious during treatments. You may be able to drive yourself home after your dental visit by inhalation Sedation.

Delivered by mouth as name suggest (pills) to calm and relax patients. Depending on the severity of your anxiety oral sedative medications are usually given the night before or half an hour before dental procedures . this can range from minimal (awake but relaxed) to moderate sedation (words are slurred), and some may not remember the entirety of the procedure depending on the dose.

For treatments that are particularly painful, difficult and lengthy it allows dentists to work on unconscious patients. It is also ideal for patients whose behavioral problems make it impossible for the dentist to carry out procedures in treatments or surgeries.